Sense and sensibility

Living your dreams with a unique creation by Vassilis Zoulias means living this unique occasion to the maximum without barriers and hold back, enjoying your feelings and all precious moments.

As we know, color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. Most brides choose a white dress to symbolize purity of the soul. Traditionally, wedding dresses follow the style of the era, but nowdays women choose the form, figure and design that they love the most and really feel beautiful in it.

Vassilis Zoulias is not only a skillful fashion designer but also a man of natural sensibility who approaches the woman profoundly in order to understand her deepest expectations. Since he is devoted to timeless fashion, his suggestions remain faithful to sophisticated elegance. He always embraces the finest fabrics –he chooses luxury material such as lace, embroidery and precious stones, satin duchesse, soie sauvage and, of course, his most favorite polka dots tulle. Bows, the couturier’s signature element star most of the time while bridal gowns reach the knee in order to show off the bridal shoes that can also be created in accordance with the dress.