“Women in the garden” – the Summer Edition – Spring/Summer 2018 Prêt-à-Couture Collection

Vassilis Zoulias’ “Women in the Garden” – the Summer Edition was actually a celebration of women in his life. The Royal Gardens in Athens were the perfect scenery for magic tales to unfold. Long evening gowns, little black dresses, cocktail dresses, theatrical details and fine fabrics such as silk, brocade and laces created a world of excellence and style. The idyllic scenery offered a tableau vivant for dazzling bright creations that celebrated inner and physical optimism.

Linen outfits, deux pieces reinforced by tailored jackets, shorts and trousers and flamboyant  manteaux exchanged places with delicate cocktail dresses either befitting for day’s or evening’s appearances. Precious fabrics were masterly sewn – graphic patterns and floral prints, romantic, vivid, striking and sensational managed to serve ideally the designer’s values of exceptional elegant sophistication.

Artist and jewelry designer Pericles Kondylatos featured exotic chic pieces of jewelry that supported gorgeously the show’s philosophy.