“The Crown” – the Resort Collection – Spring/Summer 2019

How could Vassilis Zoulias resist to a challenging historical drama television series such as “The Crown”? Since its release, the designer has been carefully making the plan of this collection that honours women of his fantasy world – not only royals of course but any woman of aristocratic temperament! Since that was the case, he chose an impressive neoclassical building (Kaplanon 11, Kolonaki) that would carry us away back to its construction date, in 1890. Travel in time had started… From Queen Elizabeth to Anna Maria of Greece – the youngest and most beautiful queen of Europe at the time (during the 1960’s), a nostalgic ceremony of true aristocracy took place in front of the guests.

Breathtaking beautiful evening gowns ruled, accompanied by ultra chic and graceful deux pieces and impressive dramatic manteaux. An elegant pastel colour palette, so characteristic of the Queen’s look, was revived in strong, bright and vivid tones of precious fabrics, such as the silk triple organza. The elegant fairytale of “The Crown” collection is one we can sum up as epic since the designer expressed openly the visions of a lifetime. Class, elegance and femininity walked down the aisle so gracefully that finally, the experienced eye could identify the common ground of all creations: too much skin can never cope with elegance. Each and every model of Vassilis Zoulias’ show exposed either the décolleté or the arms/legs – never all together!

Artist and jewelry designer Pericles Kondylatos emphasized on crowns, masks and bows – all in extravagant forms and astonishing combinations of different styles. His pieces went far beyond classic jewellery creations – “costume jewellery art objects” describes them much better.