Poet Jewellery by Pericles Kondylatos / addicted to art and design

Vassilis Zoulias and Pericles Kondylatos started their long lasting collaboration in 2011. Their relationship is all about complementing each other in a very special way, unique and unusual, since one could say that their fashion approach varies – Vassilis is basically romantic and nostalgic while Pericles is mostly audacious and extravagant. Yet, they work and create in perfect harmony which is mostly based on mutual respect and common core beliefs. Pericles is the artist who manages to spotlight in a strong artistic sense every dream and aspiration that Vassilis Zoulias brings to life with his fabulous creations.

Pericles Kondylatos, studied design at the Surray Institute of Art and Design University in U.K., and continued with a postgraduate at Camberwell College of Arts, London fine Arts. His work combines art, extreme aesthetics and design in the most unexpected way. His creations are absolutely unique, original an, literally, one-of-a- kind. In the US he is collaborating with the renowned American stylist Patricia Field. Almost the entire Greek showbiz has worn something that bears his signature. So far, his greatest accomplishment was when Lady Gaga wore his crown on her last visit to Greece.