High Society

Vassilis Zoulias glorifies the individual, the artisanal aspect of couture elevating it to the point of virtuoso heights. A plethora of dresses or gowns, both long and short, both colorful and plain, both maximalistic and minimal reflect a woman’s dreams. A society’s dreams. Because couture with the craft it requires, the materials it features and the slowness it involves reminds us what really matters in life: quality. And when you think that this is a utopia, there comes Vassilis Zoulias to prove that, yes, “dreams do come true”! He manages the perfect match since his ready-to-wear pieces are also inspired by his couture allure in order to reach out to society the best way possible. His couture collections, always influenced by Old School femininity, adopt contemporary forms of design in order to transfer memories and feelings to today’s era with timeless pieces. Timeless modern dazzling creations that celebrate elegance, romance, femininity and confidence –all qualities that characterize the sophisticated and confident woman he refers to, the woman that appreciates quality and glorifies individuality in all aspects of life.