Get to know Vassilis Zoulias

Get to know Vassilis Zoulias

Inspired by the past and with his eyes on the future, Vassilis Zoulias, is giving classic timeless designs a modern update, a twist, but always making sure to keep their old time feminine, charming and romantic character alive.

“My memories of my mother have really defined me. I remember her in the 60s, getting together with her impeccably dressed girlfriends for a game of Gin Rummy in the afternoons. I was positively haunted by twinsets, black pencil skirts and pearl necklaces. Their style burned a hole through my head.” Vassilis Zoulias explained.

Vassilis Zoulias started working in the fashion industry when he was still 15 years old. Growing up, his obsession with fashion led him to become, for at least 20 years, a fashion editor for fashion magazines including Vogue Greece in the 80s and 90s. One day he decided to make his lifelong dream of designing his own clothing and accessories come true and in 2002, he opened his boutique in Athens, Greece, where someone can find his Prêt-à-Porter, Haute Couture and Bridal Collection. From that moment until today he did not stop designing new clothes, looking for fabrics that flatter the female bodies and patterns that give effortless attitude to day-to-night dressing.

It is not a coincidence that his clothes were chosen not only for Emily Copper’s appearances in the series Emily in Paris season 2, but also for the celebrities’ big nights on the red carpet. Vassilis Zoulias creations are for those women who dare to have a different style that doesn’t blend with the mass.


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