British philosopher Francis Bacon said, “Fashion is the only attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse.” This living form of art holds power –power to control a part of one’s image. A person can play a role, embody a story, or represent an era based on what he or she chooses to wear.

This is what Vassilis Zoulias is definitely doing at its best. He respects and translates the historical implications that an outfit holds to today’s era, always respecting each time’s aura. His exceptional talent is reflected on his ability to describe emotions through charming elegant figures and patterns.

”Ever since I can remember myself, I was always directing photo shoots or dressing people. My memories of my mother have really defined me. I remember her in the 60s, getting together with her impeccably dressed girlfriends for a game of Gin Rummy in the afternoons. I was positively haunted by twinsets, black pencil skirts and pearl necklaces. Their style burned a hole through my head. After 20 years in publishing, I became a fashion designer and it all came pouring out.” (

Old School femininity is the term he serves so devoutly: romantic prints, voluptuous figures with slim waist, noble style and aristocratic allure characterize his nostalgic yet modern creations. His “bon chic” vision, quintessentially international, is sewn with deep politeness and graciousness –each piece honors the legacy of the eclectic glamour of the past. His silhouette flatters all types of modern women, whether exotic or austere.

After 20 years as a brilliant fashion editor for magazines including Vogue Greece, Vassilis Zoulias began to fulfill his long life dream of designing clothing and accessories. In 2002, he opened his boutique, Vassilis Zoulias Old Athens in Athens, Greece, where he introduced luxury shoes, handbags, hats and limited collections. Realizing his passion to dress women and staying true to his love for old time elegance –in 2007 he launched his first Prêt-à-Porter collection, paying homage to old-time glamour with the refined synchronous touch of his finely detailed excellent creations. By 2008, he showcased his first Haute Couture and Bridal Collection and has since headlined Greece’s fashion week for the past decade.

Persistently creating and designing outstanding collections using hand-made craftmanship, he attracts exclusive loyal clientele: Greek celebrities, politicians and business women as well as important international personalities have been constantly choosing his gowns, dresses, trousers and jackets. Laura Dern was astonishing in his velvet and lace dress at the December 2017 Downsizing Movie Premiere in Los Angeles while in January 2018 one of Vassilis Zoulias’ most impeccable outfits made its debut appearance at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. Nominee, Alison Brie graced the red carpet in his silk strapless ball gown and pant ensemble which achieved great success at a rather moving award ceremony.