Vassilis Zoulias brings colors of French Riviera with his new swimwear collection

Vassilis Zoulias brings colors of French Riviera with his new swimwear collection

French aesthetic and Greek summer. The designer behind the most elegant swimwear line

Parisian girls enjoy summer, exactly how they enjoy the rest of their life. Freely, effortlessly, inside their timeless clothes, that built the most elegant wardrobes, without excess in makeup, only with a generous dose of sunscreen that brings out the cute freckles and the natural blush in cheekbones. They don’t follow rules and trends. They follow their personal style and impress the world with their own elegance and spontaneity. Parisian girls don't fit in boxes. They are free and at the same time, chic, an authentic, timeless combination that can’t be copied.

And as the French girls rebel, so does the Greek designer Vassilis Zoulias by offering women the possibility to get to know the famous glory and the authenticity of the past inside of modern creations that respond to the present, without being victims of temporary trends. Vassilis Zoulias is one of the most famous fashion designers in Greece. He managed to make his name a synonym of quality and elegance, inside his own creations that combine the element of the aristocracy with the modern one. His designs have been worn by many celebrities on the red carpet such as Natasha Lyonne, Mindy Calling and Gwen Stefani and have been loved by every woman and fashion critics, who glorified his mastery. This year also, we all had the luck to enjoy his clothes in the famous Netflix series “Emily in Paris”, being worn by Emily herself.

Discover the Swimwear collection of Vassilis Zoulias, here. 


Now, his swimwear collection introduces us to the French Riviera and as we can say from a quick glance, it is tres chic!

Timeless plaid

As they say, in fashion one day you are in and the next you are out. But this particular print is so timeless and graceful, that it never goes out of fashion. And for that reason, the strength of plaid also dominates beachwear fashion, in designs that won’t be worn only this year, but will accompany us to the beach for many years. 


Find the MARILYN swimwear here. 


Delicate floral

We have seen many flowers, but Vassilis Zoulias’ patterns literally stand out. The floral trend is not a simple trend, but a favorite element of styling, a beautiful way to welcome the new, optimistic days that come, a fascinating way to celebrate life with grace and romance. Floral swimsuits with well-drown, delicate flowers seduce our hearts and bring an air of renewal in our summer image.


Find the ROMY swimsuit here. 



Black is the new black

And the truth is that there is not a single color that could compete with the aesthetic of black. Its classic value will remain forever unchanged in fashion, even in summer, when more vivid colors take the stand. Black reflects class, sophistication and an intense sensuality, elements that without doubt, beachwear styling needs to bring back.


Find the ROMY swimsuit in black here. 

Feminine polka dot

At Parisian streets and at the French Riviera, women are wearing the polka dot trend with excess grace and femininity. This trend is inspired by the past of another era, when quality and elegance were dominating in every aspect of life, creating the most modern, tiny bikinis and one-piece, retro swimsuits.



Find the BRIGITTE triangle bikini here. 


Vassilis Zoulias with his touch turns his creations into gold, a precious cloth with history and sentimental value for every woman who chooses to wear it. In an era, where fast fashion dominates the market and trends come and go and fade in the blink of an eye, Vassilis Zoulias creates items that obtain a special meaning, carrying memories of the past and accompanying the woman to her new adventures. And this is a gift so unique.   

Discover all the collections of Vassilis Zoulias here. 


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